FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) FORUM8 Rally Japan awarded the highest rating of 3 stars in the FIA Environmental Certification Programme!

FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) FORUM8 Rally Japan awarded the highest rating of 3 stars in the FIA Environmental Certification Programme!

The Rally Japan 2023 Commission applied to the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) ‘Environmental Certification Programme’ when hosting the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) FORUM8 Rally Japan 2023, and has now been awarded the highest rating of three stars. The programme aims to help motorsport and mobility stakeholders around the world measure and improve their environmental performance, and involves an assessment of 17 categories, including ‘Environmental Management’, ‘Energy Use’ and ‘Waste Management’, culminating in a three-star rating. For more information on the specific initiatives undertaken by the FORUM8 Rally Japan 2023, please see the reverse side.

The Rally Japan 2024 Commission will continue its efforts to create a sustainable event at this year’s FORUM8 Rally Japan 2024, scheduled to take place from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 November, by continuing to manage the event in an environmentally friendly manner.

Specific environmentally friendly initiatives

①Rally management using clean energy.

The main venue, Toyota Stadium, was powered by 100% clean energy.
◆Hydrogen power generation (in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation).
◆Photovoltaics (temporary photovoltaic panels installed in addition to existing facilities (in cooperation with ACT Co., Ltd.))
◆ Use of green electricity certificates

② Active use of environmentally friendly materials

The materials used in the rally actively utilized environmentally friendly materials.
◆ Food and beverage booths used cutlery made of a non-plastic material called ‘Rice Resin’, which makes use of rice that is deemed no longer edible (Cooperation: Act Co., Ltd.).
◆ Tabards (bibs) worn by marshals and volunteers involved in rally operations were made from recycled plastic.
◆Official goods also use environmentally friendly materials such as local wood thinning and waste fabrics.

③Environmental education for local primary and secondary school students.

Elementary and junior high school students from involved municipalities (Toyota City, Okazaki City, Shinshiro City, Shitara Town and Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture; Ena City and Nakatsugawa City in Gifu Prefecture) were informed about the rally’s appeal and were provided with opportunities to consider how to build a sustainable society.
◆ Environmental lessons through the rally (in cooperation with Gakken): 12 sessions in total for 19 primary and junior high school students.
◆Carbon neutral on-site classes (in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation): three sessions for primary schools students in three schools.

④Conservation of mountain forests

Through the rally, the appeal of mountain villages was communicated both nationally and internationally, and the important role that forests play was conveyed.


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