STAGE FLASH – SS19 Asahi Kougen Wolf Power Stage


Date: 13/11/2022
Day: 4
Flash No: 14
Special Stage: SS19 Asahi Kougen Wolf Power Stage
Distance: 7.52 km
Weather: Rain, 21ºC
Road Conditions: Wet

#28 Mauro MIELE / Luca BELTRAME

“I am so happy you can’t believe! It’s a good result for me – it happened once – 40 years ago in motocross – and now again in a rally car!”


“The main thing was to finish and we achieved that without any big issues. Now we have even more experience for next year which is a big thing.”

#22 Teemu SUNINEN / Mikko MARKKULA

“It was super tricky. The conditions were changing quite a lot and we were struggling in some places but in many places we had good pace.”


“It might take a while for this to sink in. We’ve had troubles and difficult times but I am so grateful to the people who continued to support us. Finally, it seems to be paying off now and I’m just so grateful.”

#24 Grégoire MUNSTER / Louis LOUKA

“I wouldn’t have done this without my co-driver next to me! It was the most difficult event for the two of us and he did an amazing job. I want to thank my family for their efforts to be here and also to the mechanics for everything they did to fix the car after the first stage.”

#42 Craig BREEN / James FULTON

“Incredibly tricky. It’s been another trying weekend and I feel very sorry for everybody involved. We collectively deserve much better results than we’ve been getting but it just wasn’t to be.”


“It was quite interesting stages in the rain with these tyres. We are here and that’s the main thing. It’s good to end the season – I’ve been waiting for it for a long time! It takes a lot of strength to fight for the title and I’m ready for the holidays now.”


“I couldn’t see anything. The screen was completely fogged up all the way through but I did my best.”

#33 Elfyn EVANS / Scott MARTIN

“Naturally pretty gutted really. It’s been a tough season and there was a chance here so we threw everything at it.
I’m really sorry I couldn’t deliver it for the team at home. As it turned out today I think the win was off the cards but it’s a real shame.”

#1 Sébastien OGIER / Vincent LANDAIS

“It was difficult to finish the rally with this rain and no rain tyres. This one was aquaplaning everywhere and there was no way we could push. It’s been a great time.”

#18 Takamoto KATSUTA / Aaron JOHNSTON

“Huge thanks to the team and all the supporters on the stage and also on the road sections. Unfortunately my team-mates had a lot of problems but I have no words. It was very tricky weather but we are here.”

#8 Ott TÄNAK / Martin JÄRVEOJA

“It’s good to finish on the podium. Extremely tricky in the end. We didn’t have too much speed on the last two events on Tarmac but anyway, we won some rallies and we had quite a few podiums. Let’s see what the future brings. Like I said before, I have no contract at the moment for next year. I’ll go back home and we will see what happens in the next weeks.”

#11 Thierry NEUVILLE / Martijn WYDAEGHE

“It feels great! It wasn’t an easy weekend or an easy year, but to end with a victory and showing a good speed all weekend is a great way to end the season. Our weather guys did an incredible job this weekend so thanks to them and thanks to everybody.”


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