STAGE FLASH – SS12 Lake Mikawako 2


Date: 12/11/2022
Day: 3
Flash No: 10
Special Stage: SS12 Lake Mikawako 2
Distance: 14.74 km
Weather: Partly cloudy, 21ºC
Road Conditions: Asphalt

#42 Craig BREEN / James FULTON

“At the beginning of that stage it’s just hell for us – it’s so difficult to make the car turn in and get into a rhythm. I’m just trying to get more mileage with James and we’re working and making improvements, but it’s quite tricky.”

#1 Sébastien OGIER / Vincent LANDAIS

“The other guys are pushing so it’s not a guarantee. I struggled a bit towards the end – we made some set-up changes and it’s not all positive but we are still learning. It’s turned out to be a bit of a test now as we are not fighting for the win.”


“It was absolutely fine until the penultimate corner when it went again.”

#18 Takamoto KATSUTA / Aaron JOHNSTON

“I don’t know why but it’s not so natural driving. I had a moment here this morning so maybe I backed off too much. I don’t know but I am trying.”

#8 Ott TÄNAK / Martin JÄRVEOJA

“There is not much speed but that’s where we are at the moment.”


“We found some things which work but definitely on this stage it’s not working. In the beginning of the stage I could not do much more with the car and I am not on a crazy place, so of course we are not so fast.”

#11 Thierry NEUVILLE / Martijn WYDAEGHE

“It was actually not a very good run. I did a good stage but I had some real trouble with the diff spin. Luckily it was the last proper stage of the day and we only have two Mickey Mouse ones left.”

#33 Elfyn EVANS / Scott MARTIN

“There wasn’t a lot left but it wasn’t a good run either. I’ve lost the feeling with the front of the car a bit this afternoon. Let’s see.”


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