Environmental Policy


Rally Japan 2022
Environmental Policy

The Organising Committee of Rally Japan acknowledges the necessity of protecting and preserving the natural environment as a premise for the organisation of Rally Japan. Accordingly, the Organising Committee recognizes its environmental responsibility and commits to continuously work in understanding, monitoring and minimizing its environmental impact, as well as to raising awareness and sharing environmental values with our stakeholders.

The Organising Committee of Rally Japan commits to and will follow the manifesto below and aims at Organising this event meaningfully and in environmental-responsible way for all our community:

  1. Comply with all applicable regulatory environmental requirements under the international and Japanese legal frameworks.
  2. Obtain the FIA Environmental Accreditations according to the established criteria and level requirements comprised in WRC Sporting Regulations.
  3. Raise awareness on environmental conservation and promote the effective and joint actions below together with internal and external stakeholders, in particular with spectators and local authorities:
  • Reducing unnecessary transpor among all Organising committee members, as well as all those involved in the organisation of the event (e.g. suppliers, product and service providers) entrants, media representatives and spectators, who are encouraged to use public transport.
  • Minimize the waste generated at the event as much as possible, and also create effective sorting facilities and mechanisms to promote recycling and reusing.
  • Review all energy resources of the event and identify those which can be replaced with renewable energy supplies.
  • Minimizing water use by including a draining and recovery system of contaminants.
  • Not affecting or impacting in a negative way the ecological environment in all event areas.
  1. Measuring, monitoring and evaluating our environmental performance, as well as this policy at least once a year, and take the necessary steps to continuously improve.
  2. Conduct workshops and briefing sessions together with all event’s stakeholders, spectators and marshals to promote a clean and well preserved environment.
  3. Our goal is to stipulate our Environmental Policy and plans clearly. We believe it is important to clarify and know at what level our actions are currently reaching against each requirement.

We set our minimum goal to keep the same environment of the host area from before the event.
The key to sustainability and development of this event is to implement specific measures with all the management staff and stakeholders.

Chairman of the Organising Committee


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