WRC, which started its history in 1973, is well known as one of the most challenging motorsport worldwide. This sport does not use the circuit as its venue but uses public roads that are closed for the event. The frozen mountain pass, the high-speed road that threads in the forest, a bad road with pendent rocks, a dusty gravel road, or paved road with many bumps are the examples. WRC, which travels across seasons in 14 different countries, literary uses the roads among all over the world as its competition fields.

Each rally is composed of a couple of SS (Special Stage) that are connected with the transportation section called “liaison.” Drivers are to run this closed SS individually and measure the time required to finish to 1/10 second to compete. What is special about rally is that there is a co-driver in the car. The co-driver reads the pace note that contains the information of the course. During the liaison, the driver must follow the standard traffic rules.

Most of the rallies are basically practiced with the same schedule. It starts with the reconnaissance run called “recce,” which the driver and co-driver check the course and take notes while driving within the speed limit. Then the “shakedown” takes place, as the full-speed test of the rally car. The competition will be held for three days, from Friday to Sunday.

The rally car is made based on the road car which anyone can buy from a dealer. However, it is modified based on regulation, not only to adapt to various types of road surfaces and weather conditions, but also to be fast in these situations. Word Rally Car has the most powerful and dynamic visual appearance. What is common to all the rally cars is, to have the steel roll cage. It guarantees the safety of the maximum number of crew in the car when a crash happens. Among those rally cars, the world rally car needs to pursue ultimate safety as it boasts as much as 380 horsepower.

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